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QQ Games
Online multiplayer games service, provided by Tencent America.
Tencent America LLC
Powerful software that gives you the ability to measure Lag and causes.
Bigfoot Networks
Magic Games Collection
Bundle of different types of games.
AGENTIX Software

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Brain Games - Word Puzzles
Brain Games Word Puzzles is a collection of word games and puzzles.
On Hand Software
Glyph 2
Original puzzle game collection mixed with spell crafting.
2008 Games Toolbar for Internet Explorer
Coverage of the 2008 Games - by AOL's 2008 Games Toolbar.
a2z Handicrafts Related
a2z Business Media
Mega Games 4in
Completely free collection of four SEGA games.
Free Famous Games Screensaver
Slideshow with multiple images of games.
3D ScreenSaver Jam
ParetoLogic FileCure
Finds file type association errors on your PC and suggests solutions for them.
ParetoLogic, Inc.
flashgame Toolbar
mini001 Flash Games provides more than 10000 free games and online games.
Everything Trumpf Related Toolbar
Everything Trumpf Related

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You can now stream PC games on Facebook Live

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Telltale's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' game is here

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Share games on Steam

Share games on Steam

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Upcoming action game, Absolver, to arrive on August 29

Upcoming action game, Absolver, to arrive on August 29

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WildTangent Games App (eMachines Games)
WildTangent Games App helps you manage and play games.
Family Games
Great collection of classic games such as Hangman.
Icon Games Entertainment Ltd
Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Lite version August 2011
There are nine strategy games, two action games and two puzzle games.
Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd
PSCRM Related Notes Plug-in
ProspectSoft Ltd
Similar Sites
This plugin for Google Chrome finds websites similar to the one you are browsing.
Flickr Reference
A Flickr Extension for Chrome that finds 20 pictures relevant to your query.
Will Tesler
Play Games
Play Games plugin for Google Chrome allows you to play games from
AzmoonyarPooya The screen for child anxiety related emotional disorders scale
Azmoonyar Pooya
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